So…. You’d like to join us? Now what?


Step 1: Pay your membership to Sydney Uni Sport and Fitness

  • Follow this link to the SUSF website and follow the links for new or renewing members
  • Scroll down until you see a box labeled Canoe Club
  • Click on this and fill out your details. If you are not yet a member of SUSF you will be charged that membership fee as well.
In person:
  • If you cannot pay online go to any SUSF facility (the Aquatic Centre, the Arena) and pay your membership at the desk. Keep the receipt.

Membership fees:

  • Sydney Uni Student 6 month: $50
  • Sydney Uni Student 12 month: $70 
  • Community Member 6 month: $80
  • Community Member 12 month: $100 

You also need to join Sydney University Sports and Fitness, who provide many of our facilities as well as personal injury cover in case you should ever get injured on our trip. Annual membership to Sydney University Sports and Fitness is $10 for students and $60 for community members and allows you to join the aquatic center, gymnasia, and many other sports clubs.

Step 2: Say hello to us

We will then sign you up to our mailing list where you will be notified of all upcoming trips.

Step 3: Go Paddling!

This is why we are all here right?

Trips will be posted via the mailing list, once you are a member you can join these paddles!